Illuminations Photography is a family owned and operated business here in the Treasure Valley. Illuminations Photography was started in 1993 by Dan Leslie back in the film days where you had 36 shots on one roll of film and where you had to be 100% sure the photo you were taking was up to standards. There were no digital cameras nor Photoshop or anything like that. You had to make sure that every picture you were taking was 100% correct; there was no room for error. Dan Leslie has exceptional expertise in the lighting field as well knowing how a cameras function dating back to the film days. Dan Leslie’s main mission has always been to offer his customers the best customer service, because without customers you have no business. His son, Travis Leslie is now a partner with Dan.

We currently photograph most of the major youth sports programs in the Treasure Valley and have been the go to company to handle huge volumes of sports photography. We provide exceptional quality and can provide a super fast turn around if needed without diminishing the quality and service.